Foggy Fjord, Iceland

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One of the biggest adventures I experienced on my trip to Iceland was getting to this spot. My friend and I rented a cheap room in Mjóifjörður of the East Fjords without knowing much about where we were going — surprise! We arrived at dusk after a full day only to discover that the last 20 miles of our journey were on a treacherous, steep dirt road, which tested my driving abilities with our tiny, manual transmission car! The most heart-stopping moment happened when we finally crested the top of the mountain and saw that our crazy, switchbacked road led directly down into a thick fog. Were we going to have to drive this insane road through pea soup? We took a deep breath and started our way down, and to our relief, the fog turned out to be only a shallow layer of clouds. This breathtaking view is what we saw when we finally reached the bottom.
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